Wednesday, April 9, 2008


well bad news..i broken my right arm..;(
ok nt broke bt strained it..sori tat i got u all like worried der 4 a moment...juz wanted to see how u
k den back to how i strained it..i fell down from the bike when i went 4 my practical lesson..damn lesson u noe..i hav been doing tat lesson 4 like alreadi almost 4 times...i dun noe now..i am now quite phobia 2 do tat figure-of-8 course..i juz cudn't control e bike..i was ok at first den my bike hit e kerb n it went bounce n i went fell front n unfortunately my right hand was e first to get e impact of the grass... n hell ya no instructor was e other learner drivers went down from their bike n help me..i cud hear horning trying to alert e instructor n den i tried to stand up bt my leg was shaken up n i felt as if i lost my right arm..i felt as if my right arm wasn't mine n it was like dangling from my shoulder so i had to use my right hand to bring it when e instructor came he was like all "Are u ok? Can u stand up? Can u move ur fingers?" I was still in shocked due to e impact n all..I tried to stand up again n now i succeded.. i tried to move my fingers n THANK GOD i still was able to..i juz could lift up my whole den e instructor told me to take a rest under e i did..Followed tat i sat at e chair der..n many other instructor was coming to me one by one n asking me e same qns.."Are you ok?"

To cut everyting short i was fine n all bt e pain came back wen i headed for home..i elbow was strained..i was juz scared tat my old injury wud come back.. u noe i had an fractured elbow last time when i was like 10yrs old wen i gt back hm i wanted to sleep it off..aniwae no one was home at tat time..i didn't want to alert my parents n i stayed home bt i did sms my sis abt e accident bt she cudn't do aniting cuz she was at work so she called my wen my parents heard tat, they came back home straight n quickly send me to e clinic downstairs n my dad was getting ready to send me to e hospital or something while me n my mum was in e clinic wif e doctor bt ended up e doctor it was nothing serious juz tat i had to take thing lightly n nt strained it nw i am at home resting 4 3 whole days not working n not doing aniting bt tmr i need to go back sch to go for the Arts Induction for like for e leaders of e arts CCA groups n PC is sending all 6 main-comm people for e nw i hav 2 type out our Year Plan (for e year duh!!) since i am e secretary n all..damn nw my arm is strained again..

So thankz for listening to my story of my "ehmm" "broken" hehe :D

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